Championship Show 2004

Results & Critique

Judge - Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

General Comments

I was honoured to be invited to judge the parent club Championship show and receive such a super entry 170 dogs with 235 entries and so few absent. Just two disappointments in that Jean Taylors' infectious laugh was no longer to be heard at the ring side, and that Ron Billows was more than poorly in hospital, so wife and club Secretary Yvonne had to miss the show, to be at his bed side. (Ron is now OK, glad to say).

I was interested to see a reproduced copy of the breed standard in the front of my catalogue, hopefully every one else had this. I would hesitate but suggest some breeders are certainly needing to read this when they are selling puppies to other more novice exhibitors. The eye colour and shape is not improving. Many lines are loosing the required head chiselling. Where have all the good length to necks gone, well laid sloping shoulders and angulated upper arm giving front angulation, so needed with the hindquarters to give our breed strictly their own movement. Many of my winners possessed all the qualities, we know it is hard to get perfection but we should strive to do our best for the breed as at this time as we are the custodians.

When I am in the middle of the ring I am not thinking who is whom and of others differences of opinions, I am there to judge the breed, my breed, I do my own thing as honest as I only know how. So please forgive if people thought I had dark intensions as none were evident. The placings were as I saw and judged on the day and were not prejudged for effect.

Jenny Miller (Feorlig)

Minor Puppy Dog -4 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Benira Always and Forever Rosannoch Sowilo Kennair Chippendale Again
Mrs G H Rose Mrs E Rose Mr & Mrs K T Green
1.nice pup for his 8 months a developing nicely, presented in dark well conditioned L/W jacket with feathering coming. Head is a little strong in skull but shows balance eye colour spoils expression but shape is ok. Well bodied with enough depth, best of necks and fronts, straight forelegs well boned and tight feet. Nice turn to stifle, short hocks giving him true gaiting action that was sound. Lost on immaturity in the challenge. 2. just 6 months with time on his side, but not a patch on his sister at this present time. I was pleased to see that they are by my BIS winner. Liked his head for shape and balance, round light eyes spoil his expression. Well coated and bodied, needs more depth to chest and a little more bone for a male, nice feet. Width of chest makes him loose at elbow and he throws his front around, lacking muscle tone and a good turn of stifle gave him no strength of drive, but hopefully he will firm as he matures.
Puppy Dog - 5 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Calvdale Call of the Search Fendley the Highlander Braego Heavy Metal
Mr A Chandler Mr D A Gomm Mr & Mrs P Osborne
1. the first 2 stood out for overall size, shape and balance, but this boy had that little something and better showmanship and superior handling that makes him stand out from the crowd. Lovely head shape and balance, expression spoilt by light eyes, would like more chiselling. Enough neck and lay of shoulder, little steep in upper arm, good depth of chest, well bodied with good spring of rib. Very well presented in excellent coat with feathering. Straight well bone forelegs and tight feet, excellent turn of stifle and short hocks. Sound at front but needs to tighten and firm behind. Covers the ground well. As a puppy is doing well and will continue to do so. Best Puppy Dog. 2.nearly out of puppy this B/W was impressive from the side, but unfortunately not handled to his best (sorry Linda). As said lovely size, shape and balance presented in excellent coat with good feathering. Good balance to head, fraction wider in skull, lovely dark eyes good expression, nice ear set. Well bodied with good depth of chest and body well sprung ribs. Nice well boned straight front legs, tight feet. Very sound free move once he settled and stopped playing up.
Junior Dog - 12 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Petrenella Perfick Melverley First Gold Beecraigs Bedevilled at Summerstone
Ms C Savell Mr R J Smith Mr & Mrs T Beaton
1.Will after today be able to add (JW) very pleased with this young male, in the challenge just looked that little immature but in this class stood out. Lovely headed with nice chiselling, strong long neck to well placed shoulder, excellent level topline and tail, well bodied and coated, very well presented and handled. To be critical would like more angulation at front, but his rear has this requirement and propels him along very soundly. 2. Another smart male out of very good breeding. Nice outline, size and type of L/W male well presented and handled. Liked the head shape and balance, felt needed less flew and his eye surround spoilt expression. Lovely neck and shoulder firm back, well ribbed and depth to body. Lovely coat and condition, good front and hind angles, well boned legs and feet. Once settled was sound both ends.
Special Yearling Dog - 5 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Calvdale Softly Softly JW Gunring Games Up Paperwhite's Prickle Pear
Miss A Calvert Miss D C Gates Mrs L Hipgrave
1. Lovely outline and presentation with good coat and feathering. Nice head balance would like less stop, and eyes need to darken, well chiselled. Well muscled long neck into well laid shoulder. Correct topline and tailset. Well bodied with good spring of rib and depth of body, well boned legs and feet. Nice free mover and sound. 2. Liked the balance and outline of this dog, really nice male head with correct eye colour and shape, good chiselling. Strong neck well place into shoulders, well muscled throughout, good spring of rib and body with depth. Good angulation to front and hindquarters, well boned. Very sound, however lacked enthusiasm and drive on the move. I believe he has a difficult coat but would have liked to seen him in better presentation as this spoilt the picture.
Maiden Dog - 6 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Beecraigs Bedevilled at Summerstone Thankerton Pasquini at Plaiglen Donarden Touch of Tan
Mr & Mrs T Beaton Ms F Glendinning Miss N Cameron
1. Pleased to award him the necessary points for his JW, just out of puppy. Well presented L/W of nice type and balance. Lovely head and expression, eye just needs to darken. Good neck and shoulder, a little steep in upper arm. Well bodied and boned with good feet, covers the ground well and is sound. When fully developed should have a bright future. 2. Lovely B/W. Although I short listed, he did miss the pullout in Junior Dog. Nice type of dog with a lovely head, eye colour and chiselling. Strong well muscled neck, well bodied with level topline, good depth, well boned legs and feet. Very well presented and coated. Covers the ground well, sound, but a little close behind.
Novice Dog - 6 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Melverley First Gold Cleavehill Northern Lights Paperwhites Prickle Pear
Mr R Smith Miss D B Gunn Mrs L Hipgrave
1. (see above) 2. Upstanding dog but balanced. Well made head, with dark well shaped eyes, chiselling and good earset. An impressive B/W/T presented in good coat and condition. At 13 months is lacking in body, body depth and substance and needs to spring his ribs. Hopefully settled into his new home he will get all the necessary attention. Would like more bone and tighter feet. Once settled into his stride covered the ground was sound but close behind.
Undergraduate Dog - 3 Entries (2 Absent)
Spaggas Tristar
Mr & Mrs K McCourt

This is big dog for me, but his coat, condition and presentation is second to none. Correct foreface but too much skull, nice dark eye and shape, and correct ears and set of. Short in neck to withers, steep to point of shoulder and upper arm. Well bodied, with good depth and well ribbed and back. Well boned straight front legs tight padded feet. Lacking rear angulation and second thigh, sound but lacking Springer drive.

Graduate Dog - 7 Entries - (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Petrenella Perfick Freeway Stormy Waters Crackerjanne Choirboy
Ms C Savell Mr & Mrs J Lillie Mrs G Dolan
1. (see above 2. I liked this dog on the stance, but he is nervous at present and this shows in his movement, although sound he hops and has a strange driving action as he goes. Nice balanced head, lovely chiselling, correct eye and shape, but his expression is scared. Correct angles both front and rear, well bodied and good spring of rib. Good depth of chest and brisket, Straight well boned legs and good feet. Very well presented in excellent coat with nice feathering.
Post Graduate Dog - 9 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Enlock Ere I Am Spaggas Rising Star Kinsanto Song & Dance Man
Miss P Crosby Mr & Mrs P Chynoweth Mr & Mrs D Atkinson
1. Can't say this dog has ever been a favourite of mine, but on the day he had improved beyond any in my thoughts. For me his head spoils him, nice shape to skull, stop is a little too steep, he needs more foreface to balance his head. Well muscled through out, strong long neck set well back into shoulders, firm topline and nice tailset and carriage. Nice angles to upper arm, depth of chest and brisket, well sprung ribs well back. Well turned stifles and nice short hocks. Correct bone and feet. Presented in excellent coat, condition and feathering. Well handled on the move which was sound both ends. Did consider him in the challenge. 2. I really like this dog as he is so like his father, I have complimented him on his virtues before. Masculine head refined and balanced, lovely chiselling, super shape and colour to eyes, well placed and good ears. Strong long neck well set into shoulders, Level topline and nice tail. Well bodied and with depth, angulated both ends. Straight well boned legs and feet. Shame his coat and presentation were not at their best today. Really covers the ground as a Springer should with great drive and sound once his owner got him under control.
Mid Limit Dog - 4 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Arcadia Ardent Quest to Canouan Speeton the Enchanter Cherimore Royal Connection with Spuffing
Mr K M & Mrs J M Grant Mr K & Mrs W Willey Mrs J Weyman
1. Nice masculine balanced head, correct eye colour and shape. Enough neck, good width and depth of chest, steep in upper arm, straight front well boned with tight feet. Well bodied of good height to length and well presented L/W coat. Although not the drive was very sound. 2. Nicely balanced of good height to length not an eyecatching dog but such a nice dog to go over, correct angles both ends. Well ribbed, bodied with good depth. Well balanced head nice expression spoilt by not trimming the hair off his skull. Presented in dark L/W jacket with good feathering. Very sound dog who covers the ground.
Limit Dog - 9 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Heulyn Flambeau Spaggas Rising Star Alanea Mercedes
Ms A Mitchell Mr & Mrs P Chynoweth Mrs S Long & Mr M Leeming
1. Across the ring looks to have a nice balanced outline and when you go over him he feels just as balanced. In excellent L/W coat, condition and well presented. Has a masculine head, balanced with nice expression from kind eyes, but to be critical would like a little more stop. Straight well boned legs and tight feet. Correct angles both ends, would like a little more depth to chest, good spring to ribs and well muscled body. Once settled he showed a powerful stride with good side gait and very sound drive and throw. Felt he was well worthy of RCC
Open Dog - 10 Entries (2 Absent)
First Second Third
Berkenbar Highlander for Dukedel Sh Ch Cherimore Prince Charming Cobhay Sweet William Sh Cm
Mr & Mrs R Rawding Mrs M Scanlan Williams & Toublic
1. now 5yrs can't say I have ever really noticed this dog before, but today he stood out from the crowd. Beautiful masculine head, melting expression from dark eyes, great chiselling. Long strong neck well muscled into well laid shoulder level topline and correct tail set. Balanced outline, well put together with angulated front and hindquarters. Well ribbed and back with nice loin, good depth of chest and body. Nice condition and body weight, excellent bone and feet. Lovely B/W coat is superior condition and presentation, handler tries to hard, but when she relaxes he looks great both on the stance and the move as he is certainly free striding, with good gait that is sound. DOG CC and BEST IN SHOW. 2.I think it was a day for saying the Scots came they saw they conquered for this another dog from Scotland and he certainly is another good square dog of type and balance. Well presented in L/W/Tan jacket in excellent condition with nice feathering. Super balance to head, chiselling and expression, nice neck, shoulders, good front and rear angles. Well sprung ribs and carried back, well bodied, infact a little too well bodied as for me he was carrying too much weight which spoilt his back line and movement which was sound.
Veteran Dog - 7Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Larbreck Dark & Delicious Ch Fenaybrook Top Gun Ketsby Klown Prince
Mr & Mrs M Guest Mr & Mrs J Guy Mr & Mrs R Wiles
1. lovely dark coated L/W with beautiful feathering in fantastic condition for his 10years and can still show the youngsters the correct way a Springer should drive soundly and covers the ground. Lovely head piece with clear eyes and clean teeth, nice ears set well. Nice overall balance. 2. at 12 years showing only a little of his age. Upstanding dog with a lovely head, eyes still dark but starting to shade blue. Body in excellent condition and in lovely coat with good feathering. Nice straight front well boned legs and tight feet, not the stifle of winner. Still sound but not the effort or stride I have seen in his younger days.
Field Trial Dog - 0 Entries (0 Absent)
Special Open (Qualified) Dog - 2 Entries
First Second
Debanza Brigadier Ch Fenaybrook Top Gun
Mr & Mrs A Geddes Mr & Mrs J Guy
1. little stronger in head than I like, but is chiselled and has nice expression. Nicely presented and in excellent condition, this L/W has a good neck, shoulder and firm topline over a good body, perhaps carrying a little too much weight. Nice angles both ends, preferred the stifle of winner. Well boned, tight feet very sound mover.
Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes Open Dog - 1 Entries
Cobhay Sweet William Sh Cm
Mrs J Willaims & Mrs D Toublic
1. (see above
KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog - 4 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Spaggas Rising Star Cobhay Sweet William Sh Cm Spaggas Tristar
Mr & Mrs P Chynoweth Willianms & Toublic Mr & Mrs K McCourt
(see above)
Dog CC Berkenbar Highlander for Dukedel
Reserve Dog CC Heulyn Flambeau
Best Puppy Dog Calvdale Call of the Search


Minor Puppy Bitch - 13 Entries (2 Absent)
First Second Third
Rosannoch Tiwaz Cobhay Bright Fuchsia Gleadsbury Whataprospect
Mrs E Rose Williams & Toublic Mrs C A House
1. I do not know what this means, but hopefully it means beautiful, for she is. Just 6 months and looking very much like a seasoned campaigner, very confident, and a sound free ground covering mover. Sweet well chiselled head, nice eye and shape. Lovely outline and overall balance, so well bodied and presented. Shows all the essentials for top success. Pleased to ward her Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show. 2. Just one month older and in super coat and condition. Lovely feminine head with a sweet expression. Another who is confident and happy and a very sound free mover. Side by side I just preferred the winners overall balance, but this bitch should have a bright show future.
Puppy Bitch - 7Entries (2 Absent)
First Second Third
Nasaileen Amber Quest Strathnaver Northern Bound of Fayemm Arcadia Atlantic Mist
Mr & Mrs M Bryant Mr & Mrs E Lockett Ms L Gregory
1. really liked the type of this bitch certainly stands very balanced and has the sweetest of expressions from a well chiselled and balanced head lovely shape and eye colour. At just 9 months is trying to find her feet and was difficult to handle on the move and was throwing her front around albeit sound. This lost her the challenge. Super body, rib and depth for age and presented in excellent coat and condition. Nice hindquarters from which she moved soudly. 2. I liked the overall type of this young bitch, but I was not keen on her head shape and the skull is too strong, but hopefully will break with age. Well bodied and coated, and in lovely condition. Straight front, well boned legs and good feet. Very sound mover for her age and covers the ground as she is well angled.
Junior Bitch - 12 Entries (2 Absent)
First Second Third
Eastriding Armani Pretty Paper Artycreaty Nesta Nelson at Roqfolly
Miss K Price Mrs L Hipgrave Mr & Mrs G Lawler
1. just into junior and one with great promise, I do not think I have seen her before but she is really beautiful and balanced and has all the essentials of a winner. Very smart and feminine B/W with a lovely chiselled head, dark well shaped expressive eyes. Lovely body and well ribbed with good depth, nice angles front and rear, good bone and neat feet. Well presented and in super condition and well handled. Very sound and ground covering. Considered for top honours. 2. his is bitch I have watched with interest from the ring side and could not see why she has been unplaced. Was so pleased to get my hands on her for she is absolutely feminine and balanced and has all the things in the right places. Such a sweet head, correct features and lovely eye colour. Well presented L/W in lovely coat and with feathering coming. Nice angles both ends, in good condition and with excellent bone and feet. Moved really well, covering the ground and very sound. Another who should if allowed go to the top, her owner must have the confidence to "show her off" to make her look the bitch she is.
Special Yearling Bitch - 8 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella JW Pretty Paper Calvdale Claire Blake JW
Mr & Mrs S Walker Ms L Hipgrave Miss A Calvert
1. what does one say about your C.C. winning bitch, until today I really did not notice her to be the "beauty" she has grown into. I will now say she is very sweet, feminine, stunning and very typical of the breed standard. Beautiful balanced head melting expression although one criticism her eyes could just be a fraction darker. Well muscled long neck, laid into sloping shoulder and firm level topline and tailset and carried happily, well bodied with well sprung ribs and good depth through. Well presented and in excellent flashy L/W coat. Well boned legs and feet. She looks hard to handle, so once she stopped doing her ‘party piece' was a very sound mover with good drive, side gait and ground coverage. Res. Best in Show.
Maiden Bitch - 9 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Gleadsbury Whataprospect Sherman Serenity Beecraigs Beguiled by Bridies
Ms C House Mr & Mrs I Wilson Mrs A Naylor
1. third in minor puppy very sweet L/W/Tan baby, nice head shape and expression, correctly balanced. Well coated and in good condition. Not the extension on the move of the winners and I did not like the looseness of her hocks and rear action, in this class settled and was more steady and sounder. 2. Sherman Serenity, unplaced in the minor puppy sweet well chiselled head, good length of neck front angles and has firm topline for age. Well bodied and presented in a solid B/W coat with feather coming, straight and well boned leg and feet. Was very unsettled in the first class but here settled to be sound and a free mover.
Novice Bitch - 8 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Artycreath Nesta Nelson at Roqfolly Petrenella Tickle me Fancy Tryhard Chalcedony
Mr & Mrs G Lawler Ms C Savell Ms S Long & Mr M Leeming
1. third in large Junior class not really what I like in a bitch head as she is fraction strong in skull and not the foreface but she has a kind expression and work within the head, this will break further as she matures. Strong long neck well placed shoulders and good topline. Well bodied, ribbed and presented in good L/W coat. Angles good both front and rear, straight well bone legs and tight feet. Positive mover who was very sound both ends. 2. placed fourth in Junior. Sweet L/W/tan with pretty head and nice expression and ear set, has all the essentials, with enough angles being well bodied, good overall balance, lovely bone and feet. Very sound mover but put nothing into her action and really did not cover the ground. Sure this was an indoor situation.
Undergraduate Bitch - 10 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Pretty Paper Artycreath Nesta Nelson at Roqfolly Kingsheath Lita
Ms L Hipgrave Mr & Mrs G Lawler Ms B Wright
(see above)
Graduate Bitch - 11 Entries (0 Absent)
First Second Third
Casapple Magic of Honfleur Kessmari Penny Lane JW Shipden Panama Hattie
Mr & mrs P Wilson Mr & mrs K Morgan Ms E Young
1. beautifully balanced B/W in super coat presentation and condition and moving freely covering the ground with stride and very sound. Nice feminine, well balanced and chiselled head, nice eye shape and colour, good ear set. Well muscled neck of good length well laid into shoulder. Firm topline to tail correctly set. Well bodied and with good spring of rib, and body depth, being of good height to her length. 2. just 2 yrs and developing nicely. Feminine, well chiselled and balanced head expression spoilt by rounder eyes. Enough neck into well laid shoulder, in good muscle tone. Nicely angulated front and rear. Really well bodied with excellent spring of rib and good body depth. Straight well boned legs and feet. Well presented L/W coat with good feathering. Well handled, on the move was sound and has good ground coverage.
Post Graduate Bitch - 14 Entries (3 Absent)
First Second Third
Willrose Scarlet Symphony Roqfolly Nora Barnacle Tryhard Ring O Kerry
Ms S Burrows Mr & Mrs G Lawler Ms S Long & Mr M Leeming
1.headed a very nice class now just 2.5 yrs and is certainly destined for the top. Beautiful and very feminine. Perhaps a shade bigger but balanced and everything is in the right place. Very sweet well chiselled head, dark eye and nice placement to ears. Muscled neck, well laid shoulders, firm topline over an excellent sprung body with depth. Well angulated shoulder, upper arm, and turn to muscled stifles. Nicely boned legs and tight feet. Well presented coat with feathering. Moved really well and was sound 2. judged this young bitch as a pup and she has developed well. Nice head with good chiselling and nice expression but not quite as feminine as my winner. Has perhaps too much flew or it is the way she is held. Lovely outline and overall balance. Beautiful spring of rib well back, good body depth. Presented in good coat and feathering. Well angulated front and rear, good legs and feet. Good driving action which is sound both ends.
Mid Limit Bitch - 10 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Larbreck Neat n Sweet at Strathaird Baldragon Bollinger Gleadsbury Whatadestiny JW
Mrs Y Woodhead Ms C Robinson Ms C House
1. not a bitch I have taken too much notice of, I saw her a year ago and thought how nice she was. Today I thought how beautiful she was. She really has a lovely profile maybe a shade bigger but has a balanced outline and is of real breed type, another who has everything in the right place and should go to the top. Lovely marked L/W/tan coat with feathering. Beautiful balanced head, chiselling and kind expression. Nicely, muscled body with good ribs well back and body depth. Super mover and so very sound. Hard decision in her next class, sorry to make her a beaten bitch. 2. nearing 3 years and I think she is now coming into her own. I have sometimes really not liked this bitch but today she was nice to go over and in good body with well sprung ribs and with good body depth all covered in well presented L/W jacket with good feathering. Sweet head and lovely feminine expression kind dark almond shaped eyes. Great legs and feet. Handler needs to make her work to get the best of her movement which was very sound, and ground covering.
Limit Bitch - 12 Entries (3 Absent)
First Second Third
Roandew Xtravaganza Larbreck Neat n Sweet at Strathaird Patbee Dizzy Dame
Mr J Palmer Mrs Y Woodhead Grimshaw & Lancaster
1. super bitch not a stunner but certainly real breed type and coming into her own, such a beautiful well chiselled head, kind dark eye. Very stylish and balanced outline another who is slightly bigger but so balanced, has to be handled to find and get the best from. Correct well muscled neck into well laid shoulder firm topline and happily carried tail. Super body and spring to ribs well back and giving body depth. Presented in beautiful condition in super L/W coat and handled to the best on the move and stance. Very free sound mover coming and going. My line-up gave me some hard decisions, pleased to award RCC.
Open Bitch - 8 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Roqfolly Miss Mink Hunterheck Rhapsody in Blue Patbee Definitely Divine
Mr & Mrs G Lawler Mr & Mrs G Ternent Grimshaw & Lancaster a Sh.Ch. and worthy of the title. As she has grown and developed from that youngster I had previously judged I can see how she has altered and matured into a very balanced 3 year old bitch. Sweet head and kind expression, dark eyes and well placed ears. Nice height to length and well bodied, ribbed and in excellent coat and condition. Stands on good legs and feet and moves really soundly covering the ground. In the challenge she gave up the ghost and decided to dig her feet in, and lost her topline on the stance, but for this who knows what the decision would have been? 2. another bitch I like and think a lot of but today I felt her head had got stronger with not quite the work since I last judged her. Nice balanced outline both on the stance and the move. Looked a little stuffy of neck felt this was due to her carrying a fraction too much weight which spoilt the picture. Well coated and presented, with body depth and rib, angles both front and rear, lovely legs and feet. Positive mover who covers the ground soundly.
Veteran Bitch - 7 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Bosol Sceptre Sh Ch Aurorsky Gemini at Trimere Spaggas Pretty as a Picture
Mr & Mrs G Ternent Mrs A Corbett Mr & Mrs P Chynoweth
1. for 11 years this bitch is in super dark well conditioned L/W coat, with excellent body condition and lovely front and rear angles. Beautiful head and lovely chiselling looks at you with kind expression from eyes still bright and clear, has clean teeth and in good muscle tone. Really stepped out and was sound. 2. 8 year old, lovely balanced outline and presented in lovely l/w coat with nice feathering, in good body with lovely spring of rib and depth to body, not the muscle tone of the winner, giving slight body roll on the move. Has a lovely well chiselled head, kind expression but eyes starting to blue. Great legs and feet very free mover a little close but sound behind, very sound fore action.
Field Trial Bitch - 0 Entry
Special Open (Qualified) Bitch - 1 Entry
Debanza Heilan Dancer
Mr & Mrs A Geddes
nearly 8yrs this feminine headed bitch is in super condition and has lovely muscle tone. Well balanced but slightly bigger bitch presented in flashy L/W jacket. Well bodied, for her size would have liked more bone and tighter feet. Moved freely.
Jimmy Cudworth Memorial Stakes Open Bitch - 5 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Patbee Dizzy Dame Patbee Definitely Devine Sericum Made in Heaven at Cobhay
Grimshaw & Lancaster Grimshaw & Lancaster Williams & Toublic
1. over the years I have seen these sisters develop. Today I thought this bitch is as best I have ever seen her, she seems to get better as the years go by. Sweet feminine well balanced and chiselled head, kind eye and the longest of ear feathering. Enough neck, well placed shoulder level firm topline and happy tail. Enough upper arm, well bodied and in excellent coat and condition with that cherry blossom boot polish black shine. Well boned legs and feet, nice angles to the rear. Very sound free mover. 2. as with her sister she has improved with maturity, lovely chiselled head kind expression from dark eyes find her stronger in foreface, good leathers. Good length of neck and in good body tone. Presented in excellent coat and condition with lovely shine to coat. Nice legs and feet, moved well not the stride of her sister.
KC Good Citizen dog Scheme Bitch - 6 Entries (1 Absent)
First Second Third
Larbreck Neat N Sweet at Strathaird Sericum Made in Heaven at Cobhay Strathaird Sweet Sensation
Mrs Y Woodhead Williams & Toublic Mrs Y Woodhead
1. (see above) 2. nice style of bitch in the old fashioned model, has all the essentials and is very well coated and presented. Lovely head well moulded eyes dark but slightly rounded. Nice angles to fore and hindquarters. Well bodied and ribbed with good depth, slightly long cast. Sound mover covers the ground.
Bitch CC Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella JW
Reserve Bitch CC Roandew Xtravaganza
Best Puppy Bitch Rosannoch Tiwaz

Best in Show (left) Berkenbar Highlander for Dukedel
Reserve Best in Show (right) Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella
Photo courtesy Phil Timmings
Best Puppy in Show - Rosannoch Tiwaz
Photo courtesy Phil Timmings
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