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The publication and selection of any photographic material used by the English Springer Spaniel Club (ESSC) for any breed educational purposes, submitted either by invitation or independently, will be based on the ESSC's view that such photographic material at all times demonstrates the versatility and active nature of the Breed in all that it does. The ESSC is mindful that such material should be appropriate to the arena for which it is being used. It is not the Club's intention to cause upset or offence to anyone given open access to view it.

The ESSC reserves the right to make any decision on the choice of the photographic material it uses on an individual basis, or as and when photographic material is required, sourced or submitted by invitation or independently.

The ESSC reserves the right to use quality material from approved sources only and with the permission of the photographer or the rightful owner of the photograph/picture where appropriate.

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