Open Show 2002

General Comments
Thank you to the ESSC officers and committee for making me very welcome and for the splendid lunch and lovely gift. My stewards were excellent and kept everything running smoothly - my thanks to them too.
Although with 30% absentees the quantity was low, the quality was high and I welcomed the opportunity to go over some very classy exhibits and my overall impression was a good one. There were two bad mouths, plenty of disappointing movement and there were also a few eyes rounder and lighter than I'd like to have seen.

Minor Puppy Dog 1
Stowequest Dumbledoor TAF
Mrs B Pearson
very baby puppy but a nice one. Nice eye shape and colour, good front, well sprung ribs - moved okay once settled.
Puppy Dog 1
Heulyn Flambeau
Mr & Mrs Mitchell
Beautiful head on this lovely dog - male without a hint of coarseness. Super eye shape and colour, nice length of neck into correct shoulders, super front, right amount of bone, good depth and good hind quarters. Moved soundly. Beautifully presented. BPD
Junior Dog 6 (2)
First Second Third Reserve
Eastriding Versace Graftonbury Total Recall Fenaybrook From A Distance Kinsanto Song and Dance Man
Mr & Mrs Price Ms J Fennell & Mrs G Miller Mr & Mrs Guy Mr & Mrs Atkinson
1st Price's Eastriding Versace - Pleasing compact dog of nice size. Good eye colour and shape, head slightly raw at this stage but am sure will mellow. Excellent front and good tight feet. Ample rib and depth. Good hindquarters nicely angulated and lovely short hocks. Moved really soundly which won him this class. 2nd Fennell/Miller's Graftonbury Total Recall - Very well constructed dog with everything in the right place, super shoulders, good width to second thigh, just the right amount of rear angulation, lovely type.
Novice Dog 5 (2)
First Second Third
Petranella What a Malarkey Graftonbury Total Recall Kinsanto Song and Dance Man
Ms C Savell Ms J Fennell & Mrs G Miller Mr & Mrs Atkinson
1st Savell's Petranella What A Malarkey. Smart boy. Rangier than 2 and a little on the raw side but bags of promise. Loved his head and super dark eye. Lovely neck into good shoulders. Good spring of rib, lovely topline and tailset. Super tight feet. Excelled on the move to win this class. Well presented. 2nd Graftonbury Total Recall
Tyro Dog 2
First Second
Petranella What a Malarkey Kinsanto Song and Dance Man
Ms C Savell Mr & Mrs Atkinson
Graduate Dog 5
First Second Third Reserve VHC
Covina Mr McGregor Seaspring Bold Buccaneer Cobhay Sweet William Fenaybrook From a Distance Spaggas Rising Star
Mrs E Glass Mssrs Mgill & Dunsdon Mrs J & Ms D Williams Mr & Mrs J Guy Mr & Mrs Chynoweth
1st Glass' Covina Mr Macgregor Tri-colour dog with well placed shoulders, good front and feet. Slightly more positive on the move. 2 Dunsdon & McGills Seaspring Bold Buccaneer Very honest sort of B/W dog with very good front, feet and enough length of neck. Well sprung ribs good length, nicely turned stifles. Moved soundly.
Post Graduate Dog 3 (1)
First Second
Stowequest Lairds Legacy Mompesson Beachcomber
Miss C Robinson Mrs J Hawkins
1st Robinson's Stowequest Lairds Legacy - plenty of substance but balanced. Pleasant head, well laid and powerful shoulders, excellent depth and ample spring of rib, nicely turned stifles and pleasing tail set. Moved well and very nicely presented. 2nd Hawkins Mompesson Beachcomber Nice dog with a pleasing head, good eye shape and colour. Good in shoulder, very nice depth and spring of rib. Would have preferred a little more hind angulation.
Limit Dog 1 (1)
Eastriding Kouros
Mr & Mrs Price
Price's Eastriding Kouros - Gorgeous head on this beautifully presented dog. Good eye shape of super dark colour. Nice length of neck flowing well into good shoulders. Excelled in rib and depth. Super length. Well balanced. Ample rear angulation, correct tailset and lovely short hocks which he used to very good effect on the move. Moved strongly and so soundly . Shown in full coat and gleaming condition which completed a very nice picture. Best Dog - wish there had been a Best Opposite Sex award to give him.
Open Dog 4 (2)
First Second
Calmolly Peter Piper Roandew Smart Alec
Topliss Miller & Fennell Mr & Mrs Palmer
1st Topliss, Fennell & Miller's Calmolly Peter Piper Glorious head on this lovely sized dog, with the most appealing expression from a good dark eye of correct shape. Nice length of neck into excellent shoulders. He too excelled in rib and depth. Super hind angulation. Beautifully balanced. Moved very soundly with drive & style. Just my cup of tea. Shame he wasn't wearing his Sunday Best. RBD 2nd Palmer's Roandew Smart Alec - beautifully presented dog who suits his name. Very soundly constructed with good bone, an excellent front, good rear angulation and with the most delightful feet. Just a little short of length for my taste. Excelled on the moved with a perfect demonstration of how strong straight hocks can be put to good effect.
Special Beginners Dog 3
First Second Third
Mompesson Beachcomber Cobhay Sweet William Spaggas Rising Star
Mrs J Hawkins Mrs J & Ms D Williams Mr & Mrs Chynoweth
1st Hawkins Mompesson Beachcomber 2nd Williams Cobhay Sweet William Nice size of dog who presents a smart outline. Moved very well and handled to good effect. Would prefer a slightly stronger head.
Veteran Dog 3 (1)
First Second
Ch Fenaybrook Top Gun Eastriding Dark Diplomat of Brailea
Mr & Mrs J Guy Mrs M Read
1st Guy's Ch Fenaybrook Top Gun grand young man of 9 years old. Melting head and expression, very well made and presented in tip top condition. Excelled in shoulder and rib, good hind angulation. Moved very well. 2nd Read's Eastriding Dark Diplomat of Brailea - lovely head, well presented in fine form.
Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (3)
First Second Third Reserve
Beresford Beyond the Pale Beresford Be There Eastriding Miss Dior Casapple Magic of Honfleur
Mrs T Topliss Mrs T Topliss Mr & Mrs Price Mr & Mrs Wilson
1st Topliss's Beresford Beyond The Pale - fell in love with this pretty young baby. Super head already showing a glorious dark eye of good shape. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, nice length, good hindquarters, nice rear angulation and super short hocks. Adequate bone. Moved as you would expect a baby puppy to move but showing style and soundness. BPIS 2nd Topliss's Beresford Be There - another super puppy, litter sister to one. Just preferred feet and topline of 1.
Puppy Bitch 6 (3)
First Second Third
Heulyn Folie Bergere Cleavehill Bijou Noir of Brailea Casapple Magic of Honfleur
Mr & Mrs Mitchell Mrs M Read Mr & Mrs Wilson
Mitchell's Heulyn Folie Bergere - very smart b/w bitch shown in excellent condition and presentation. Old fashioned sort with a very pleasing head and the eye colour you would expect of a b/w. Nice length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good length and depth, stunning in profile. Moved with enthusiasm holding an excellent topline. 2nd Read's Cleavehill Bijou Noir of Brailea - pretty head and nice tight feet. Carrying plenty of condition but a little erratic on the move.
Junior Bitch 8 (2)
First Second Third Reserve VHC
Graftonbury Serrano Trimere Tuscany Sheledams Brief Encounter Petranella Taylor Maid Roandew Xtravaganza
Ms Fennell & Mr Miller Mrs Corbett Mr & Mrs Hales Mrs C Savell Mr Palmer
What a fabulous class - I was truly spoilt for choice. 1st Miller/Fennell's Graftonbury Serrano. Nothing flashy about this bitch but a delight to go over. Attractive head, good length of neck, super shoulders, depth, rib and length. Excelled in hind angulation and just so sound - moved very well indeed. 2nd Corbett's Trimere Tuscany Another top quality bitch of excellent type and construction. Moved with style and drive. 3rd Hales' Sheledams Brief Encounter
Novice Bitch 6 (1)
First Second Third Reserve
Graftonbury Serrano Petranella Count Me In Trimere Timeless at Dysmorr Lyndora Red Tape at Reepicheep
Ms Fennell & Mr Miller Ms C Savell Mr & Mrs Dyson Mr & Mrs Pond
1st Miller/Fennell's Graftonbury Serrano 2nd Savell's Petranella Count Me In - a favourite of mine. Very close decision. The best of eyes - colour and shape wise. Very pretty head, excelled in shoulder, rib and hind angulation. Plenty deep enough - so balanced and well made. One of the soundest strongest movers of the day. Close up to 1.
Tyro Bitch 4 (2)
First Second
Petranella Count Me In Cobhay Love in a Mist at Reepicheep
Mrs C Savell Mr & Mrs Pond
1st Savell's Petranella Count Me In 2nd Pond's Cobhay Love In A Mist at Reepicheep Pretty head and nice front, good bone. Let herself down on the move.
Graduate Bitch (3)
First Second Third
Seaspring Silver Darling Cobhay Love in a Mist at Reepicheep Crackerjanne Calpurnia
Mssrs McGill & Dunsdon Mr & Mrs Pond Mrs V Watson
1st Dunsdon/ McGill's Seaspring Silver Darling What a pretty compact and balanced bitch. Very appealing head, good neck, rib, tail nicely set on, neat feet. Held a good topline on the move. 2nd Pond's Cobhay Love In A Mist at Reepicheep 3rd Williams Crackerjanne Calpurnia
Post Graduate Bitch 5(2)
First Second Third
Sheledams Arabesque Mossland Wild Thyme at Plaiglen Cleavehill Sweet Marie
Mr & Mrs Hales Mrs D George Mssrs Emeney & Morris
1st Hales Sheledams Arrabesque Beautiful bitch who was presented in gleaming condition. Very attractive well balanced head with a lovely dark eye. Super neck into excellent shoulders. Nicely ribbed, deep enough, good length and good rear angulation . An absolute delight to watch on the move and handled to bring out her best. 2nd George's Mossland Wild Thyme at Plaiglen nicely constructed bitch of different type to 1. Moved soundly. 3rd Emeney's Cleavehill Sweet Marie
Limit Bitch 4(1)
First Second Third
Othamcourt Gamestress at Roandew Cepen Country Classic Mossland Wild Thyme at Plaiglen
Mr & Mrs Palmer Mr & Mrs Payne Mrs D George
This class was a hard one to judge, my notes say "what a headache". Two beautiful top class bitches of very different type headed this class and I found it so hard to separate them. 1st Palmer's Othamcourt Gamestress at Roandew one I have always liked from the ringside. Beautiful head with a lovely dark eye and melting expression. Good length of neck excellent shoulder, rib, depth, lovely length. Ample bone. The most cat-like feet I have ever seen! Moved soundly and strongly. 2nd Payne's Cepen Country Classic another favourite I have long admired. So well constructed with the best of shoulders, ample rib and better than 1 in rear angulation. Moved very soundly with true drive. In the end I had to nitpick to separate them somehow - 1 had more sparkle today, my kind of head and the neatest of feet. 3rd George's Mossland Wild Thyme at Plaiglen
Open Bitch 7(1)
First Second Third Reserve VHC
Sh Ch Trimere Time and Again Calmolly Jemina Puddleduck at Graftonbury Cleavehill Snow Shoes Sericum Local Edition Covina Mrs Jiniwin
Mrs Corbett Miller & Fennell Mrs P Digby Mrs E Bugler Mrs E Glass
A delightful class. 1st Corbett's Sh Ch Trimere Time And Again - I judged her as a puppy and loved her then. This stunning bitch has the best of heads, lovely length of neck which flowed elegantly into excellent shoulders, very well ribbed, nice and deep, just the right body length excellent width to second thigh with rear angulation and hocks to die for. Good amount of bone. Tail set on perfectly and carried to good effect - and she was simply the best mover of the day showing real drive and power behind off her short and straight hocks and perfect straight free flowing movement with good reach in front. So well presented. Delighted to give her BIS. 2nd Fennell/Miller's Calmolly Jemima Puddleduck at Graftonbury Another bitch from the top drawer. Beautifully balanced feminine head with the darkest of eyes. Strongly built with super neck, shoulders plenty of rib and depth. Excellent rear angulation and a pleasure to watch her correct sound movement, real drive from behind and straight and reachy in front. RBB and RBIS. 3rd Digby's Cleavehill Snow Shoes
Special Beginners Bitch 3 (1)
First Second Third
Cleavehill Snow Shoes Sericum Local Edition Sheledams Brief Encounter
Mrs P Digby Miss E Bugler Mr & Mrs Hales
1st Digby's Cleavehill Snow Shoes Soundly constructed b/w bitch with a pleasing head and the good amount of substance. Moved steadily and well. 2nd Bugler's Sericum Local Edition Another bitch of quality who I have always liked - nicely made with an appealing head - just lacked a little sparkle today. 3rd Williams Sericum Made in Heaven at Cobhay
Veteran Bitch 2
First Second
Seaspring Grace Darling Bridies Miss Betony
Mssrs McGill & Dunsdon Mrs J & Ms D Williams
Two lovely bitches who do credit to their owners 1st Dunsdon/McGill's Seaspring Grace Darling hard to believe this bitch is 11. Built on elegant lines, well made with an attractive head. She showed some of the youngsters how to move. 2nd Williams Bridies Miss Betony Slightly stockier bitch but very attractive with a very pretty head. Shown in fine fettle.
Wendy Walker - Judge
Best in Show (left): Sh Ch Trimere Time and Again
Reserve Best in Show: Calmolly Gemima Puddleduck at Graftonbury
Best in Show (left): Sh Ch Trimere Time and Again
Best Dog: Eastriding Kouros
Best in Show (left): Sh Ch Trimere Time and Again
Reserve Best in Show: Calmolly Gemima Puddleduck at Graftonbury
Best Puppy: Beresford Beyond the Pale
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