Open Show 2008 - Results

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 Judge - Miss Angela Calvert


May I take this opportunity to thank the Officers and Committee of the ESSC for the invitation to judge at this show and the hospitality extended to me on the day.  I should also like to thank the exhibitors for such a pleasing entry and for the sportsmanlike acceptance of my adjudications at my first Breed Club judging appointment. Thanks also to my ring Stewards who kept things running smoothly.

Class 1 MPD 6 1Ab.
What a very pleasing class to start off the day. Felt there was strength in depth for the future in this class.
1. Walker-Perfickly Frank With Dexbenella. Very promising puppy of 7 months. Dark eye, soft expression, reaches of neck into clean shoulder. Lovely deep and well upholstered body for age. Thought he held a good shape both stacked and moving. Promising boy.
2. Lawler-Roqfolly Devils Disciple. Another pleasing exhibit Many of same comments apply albeit he is of a different style. Settled on the move.
3. Tattersall-Alanea Kuga.

Class 2 PD 2
1. Corbett-Trimere Thriller. Really liked this youngster. I felt that he had everything in the right place and was of a very acceptable size. Masculine head and soft expression. Good depth of muzzle and an over all balanced appearance in head. Still loose and puppy like but super in side gait and shows promise for tomorrow. Correct bone all through and well angulated fore and aft. Clean and tidy in presentation. X factor boy and my BPIS today.
2. Lawler - Roqfolly Camp Harry. Placed in previous class. Giving away a little in development to 1 but still a very pleasing exhibit that needs time but was more settled in this class than in the previous one-all part of being a puppy.

Class 3 JD 3
1.Warrener - Cepen Changing Places With Waterwarren. From the delighted squeals when given a first place it had to be that this exhibit had attained his JW on the day and his owner and several of his supporters were obviously ‘thrilled'. Nearly threw it away with his naughty antics but that would have been too cruel  Well made exhibit and in good condition. Expression not the best but he is only young yet. Good reach of  neck into descent shoulder set up. A little more of him than I perhaps appreciate but he is all male and couldn't be denied Needs to settle on move but a hearty well done for today's achievements.
2.Richardson-Cherishym Bright Knight. Lighter eye than 1. Again, a little more of him for my liking. Well made but lost his topline on the move. Felt that with a little less coat he may achieve a better shape. Good legs and feet. Little long from hock to heel.
3.Cole-Greygoose Travelin Light.

Class 4 ND 4 (1Ab)
1. Lawler-Roqfolly Devil's Diciple. 2nd in MPD
2. 2Richardson-Cherishym Bright Knight 2nd in Junior Dog.
3. 3. Cole-Greygoose Travelin Light.

Class 5 Tyro Dog 2 (1)
1. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Knight.

Class 6 Graduate Dog 7 (3)
1. Warrener-Cepen Changing Places With Waterwarren.
2. Glass-Tiverstone Prairie Spy At Covina. Litter in style than 1. Appealed in expression and had good dark eye. A lighter type of dog but the best mover in the class.
3. West-Gleadsbury Whatadazzler.

Class 7 PG Dog 10 (2)
1. Bashforth-Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden. Liver tri male with melting expression. Eye correct colour and shape.  Deep muzzle and overall balanced head. Strong neck into well layed shoulder. Deep ribbed body with plenty of depth all through. Well-developed quarters and good legs and feet. Moved well. RB Dog
2. Lawler-Roqfolly Wardance. Gleaming Black and white. Good sized male with attractive head and expression. Balanced dog of nice proportions.  Correct bone and good feet. Just needs a little more confidence to really sell himself.
3. Hancock-Carnmarth Countri Whispers at Hanknight.

Class 8 Limit Dog 4.
1. Allen & Bott - Trimere Talking Point of Allenie JW. He was the star of the show here today. Standing back from him I fully appreciated his overall balance.  Presented a lovely balanced outline and was not let down when I went over him. Balanced head, good eye of correct colour and shape. Not overdone at all. Reachy elegant neck into well laid shoulder. Deep ribs and he has developed well in his middle'. Nicely angulated with good width of thigh and well-developed quarters. Standing on good legs and feet. Has turned into quite a nice male dog Moved out well. BIS
2. Hancock-Carnmarth Countri Whispers at Hanknight. Nice tri male. Honest expression and with much to like about him. Strongly made all through.

Class 9 Open Dog 1
1. Ingley-Heulyn Flambeau. My how time flies. Remember him as a very young pup. Full of fun here today and more wanting to enjoy his day out. In good condition from front to back with Pleasing head of correct balance. Good eye colour and shape. Appealing expression. Well put together and nice to go over. Just let himself down on the move today.

Class 10 Special Beginners Dog 10 (4)
1.Whitley - Shipden Will Hay. Black dog in good hard condition. A little stronger in back skull than I prefer. Strongly made with deep ribs. Longer in loin than I would wish but moved well to head this class
2. Warrener-Cepen C P W W.
3. Richardson-CBK

Veteran Dog 5 (1)
1. Geddes-Debenza Brigadier. Standing at the front of this super class of ‘Senior Citizens' of the canine world. 10 years young carrying his years lightly. In great shape. Masculine balanced head. Soft expression. Good reach of neck into strong shoulder. Deep strong body. Well developed quarters and strong over loin. Standing on four good sound legs and moving well with a good ground-covering stride. In great coat and condition and sympathetically handled to achieve the best. Lovely to award him Best Veteran on the day.
2. Walker-Graftonbury Navahoe at Dexbenella JW Sh.CM. Another lovely elder statesman. Different style to 1 . Kind expression with correct eye. Many similar comments apply as to 1 and yet again in terrific condition. Moved well. Hair splitting decision between these two.
3. Williams and Toublic-Cobhay Sweet William.

MPB 7 (3 Ab)
1. Corbett-Trimere Tantrums and Tiaras. Sweet little girl with very appealing profile. Flowing lines from' tip to toe'.  Reachy neck, clean shoulder, deep rib. Correct bone all through and nicely angulated. Much still to happen but the beginnings look promising. Moved steadily but confident and ring presence will come in time. BP bitch.
2. Tattersall-Alanea Aquamarine. Baby out at her first show and another for whom the future will bring more confidence. Sweet head, lovely soft expression and nice skull shape. Reachy neck and good deeply ribbed body Carrying a little too much weight at this point but once she grows up a little I am sure she will be a very pleasant young lady.
3. Lawler-Roqfolly Dance To The Devil.

PB. 4 (3 Ab)
1. Corbett-Trimere Thrills and Frills. Stood alone here but another very pleasing youngster from this kennel. Pleased me in head and eye. Good neck and shoulders. Well off for body. On good legs and beautifully ‘manicured' feet. Needing to settle but very pleased with her.

JB 9 (2Ab)
1. Burnsall & Naylor-Hanknight Miss Jiggles. Sweet compact black and white. Gave impression of overall balance. Found her head balanced and her eye correct. Lovely soft expression, good depth of muzzle and nicely worked head with correct chiselling and fluting. Adequate neck into well layed shoulder. Well off for bone and tidy feet. Well-bodied and pleasant in profile. With time I feel she can only improve. Moved well.
2. Savell-Petranella Just Perfick. Oh how I liked this exhibit. Rich dark coat, well presented. Attractive head and expression with correct dark eye to top it off. Strong well muscled neck and shoulder. Deep well ribbed body. Nicely angulated front and rear.
3. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Star.

Novice Bitch 5 (1 Ab)
1. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Star. Placed in previous class. Sweet bitch with a good profile. Dark eye, adequate neck , deep ribs, well off for bone. Drove on the move, which won her this class today.
2. Lawlwer-Roqfolly Dance To The Devil. On the small side but but a very pleasant shape. Good eye shape and colour. Attractive head. Just needs confidence and time.
3. Wilson-Meadowdale Shooting Star.

Tyro Bitch 4 (1Ab)
1. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Star. Previous class winner.
2. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Crystal. Litter sister to above and many of same comments apply. Tidy sort and moved well.
3. Wilson-Meadowdale Venus at Cassapple.

Graduate Bitch 9 ( 3Ab)

1. Lawler-Roqfolly Balle Russe.  Really liked this bitch for style, type and quality. She really did take my eye. So well assembled from front to back. Super attractive head with soft expression and balance. Loved the way she looked back at me. Arched neck into good well angulated shoulder. Deep, well ribbed body and strong over loin. As well assembled behind as she was in front. I think this bitch will make a name for herself and certainly one I could have taken home. She will settle and when she does I think she will do well. Reserve Bitch today.
2. Willey-Arcadia Almeria. Smaller type of bitch but very pleasant to go over. Dark girl with balanced head and good expression. Well off for bone and body but just not as forward as winner.
3. Geddes-Gleadsbury Whatadaydream at Debanza.

Postgraduate Bitch 6.
A quality class these exhibits can and will change places.
1. Gibson-Calvdale Come Catch Me. Pleasing head and expression and the required dark eye of correct shape. Reachy neck when she chooses to show it off. Nicely assembled shoulder, deep rib and short couplings. Ample bone for size and well padded feet. In really good hard condition and well presented. To be critical I should like a shade less weight on her but she moved with drive and purpose to win the class.
2. Tattersall-Alanea Elegance. Small, sweet tri girl with lovely head and expression. Adequate neck and tidy shoulder. Deeply ribbed and strong through loin. Loved her style but today moving a little sluggishly and not putting in the effort.
3. Robinson-Baldragon Boozy Rouge.

Limit Bitch 7 (2Ab)
1.Cunliffe-Calvdale Fair Cop With Fallenleaf JW ShCM. Another pleasing class and winner had to pull out the stops. Pleasing bitch of correct size and good overall shape. Carries herself well and moves with purpose and style and that won her the class here today against some good competition. What you see is what you get. Well assembled all through with deep rib and short couplings. Short from hock to heel and moved out well.
2. Savell-Petranella Perfickly Dealt JW. Again another I liked very much from this kennel and found her very pleasing to go over. Sweet balanced head with soft expression. Deep muzzle and good length of neck. Well angulated front and rear and had that all important strong middle piece. Could have been my winner but just didn't want to put all in today.
3. Willey-Calvdale Ask No Questions JW

Open Bitch5 (1Ab)
A difficult class in as much as the styles differed greatly, which made comparison somewhat difficult. Another day placings may well be different.
1. Robinson-Baldragon Bollinger. Bitch in good condition and well prepared. Dark headed with lovely soft expression and correctly shaped dark eye. Well put together if a little longer cast than 2.
2. Corbett-Trimere Tigra. Quality tri bitch with an old fashioned stamp about her. Good head, neck and shoulder but just needing to develop in her middle to complete a pleasing picture in profile. Long striding bitch that was, I felt, a little inhibited in this indoor ring.
3. Williams and Toublic-Cobhay Bright Fuchsia.

Special Beginners Bitch 3.
1. Richardson Cherishym Bright  Star
2. Wilson - Meadowdale Shooting Star
3. Richardson-Cherishym Bright Crystal

Veteran Bitch 4 (1Ab)
1.Williams & Toublic-Sericum Made In Heaven at Cobhay. An eleven year old in lovely condition. Nice overall shape. Attractive head and dark eye. Well bodied and balanced.
3. Grimshaw & Lancaster-Patbee Definitely Devine. Pleasing 10 year old. Pleasant head and eye. In good condition but not keen on the moving part of today's event.
4. Grimshaw & Lancaster. Patbee Dizzy Dame.

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