Open Show 2012

Judge - Mr Richard Bott

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Final Line Up4


Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show - Dexbenella Time To Dream

Best Bitch & Best In Show - Melverly Sophistique

Reserve Best Bitch & Best Veteran Bitch - Sh Ch Trimere Tgra

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show - Calvdale Material Witness

Dog Line up


Best Dog - Dexbenella Time To Dream

Reserve Best Dog - Jorobaden Alderniti Of Emianna

Best Puppy Dog - Peasblossom Jester

Best Veteran Dog - Shelcasrie Flash ShCM

Bitch Line up


Best Bitch - Melverly Sophistique

Reserve Best Bitch & Best Veteran Bitch - Sh Ch Trimere Tigra

Best Puppy Bitch - Calvdale Material Witness



I would like to thank the officers and committee of the society for asking me to judge at this lovely show and also to the exhibitors to supported me on a long day following the judging at National Gundog.  The show had a great atmosphere and it was easy to see how hard the society had worked in order to put this show together.

Minor Puppy Dog  (4,1 )

1 Calvert - Calvdale Great Escape
Mature and well grown for his age but very well put together and balanced.  Head was balanced and beginning to develop with chiselling and correct amount of work, soft expression and eyes beginning to darken.  Good reach of neck moderate angles both fore and aft and good body properties.  Ribs sprung and firm in loin, very steady mover with correct action, just needing to tighten in front but still a baby and a very promising one at that.

2 Cokell - Carlyquinn Can't Wait
Another promising young man, pleasing in head, good neck but not quite as clean over the shoulder as 1.  Balanced angles and good spring to rib, slightly longer through loin but maintaining his balance and outline, correct amount of bone and neat feet.  Not as steady on the move but you could see the correct action and drive.

3 Topliss - Forest Fruit From Tamaam To Beresford

 Puppy Dog (5, 2)

1 Mitchell - Peaseblossom Jester
Tri boy of 10 months and very eye catching in style and outline.  Masculine head with correct amount of work and lovely expression.  Clean through neck and shoulders and has the required amount of angulation and return of upper arm .  Ribs well back and firm through the loin, leading to correctly bent stifles and short from hock to heel.  Level topline held throughout, correct finish to croup and well set tail.  Moved very well for his age and I can see him having a bright future, Best Puppy Dog.

2 Boole - Arramow Adventurer
Liver and white, with pleasing head and expression, eyes just need to darken a little but this should happen with age.  Moderate neck and a front angulation, still needing to settle but has a good return of upper arm.  Good through rib and correct finish to croup, in super hard condition for his age which showed in his drive.

3 McDonald - Impranah Flynn

 Junior Dog (1,0)

1 Walker - Dexbenella Time To Dream
Very smart and promising young dog, he presents a balanced and clean outline of style and substance.  His head is balanced, has the correct amount of chiselling and work and his eye gives a soft expression.  Clean through neck and shoulders, a little upright at the moment but still has time to drop back, good return of upper arm and straight front.  Level topline built on good ribs and couplings, moderate bend to stifles and short front hock to heel which gave good drive from the rear.  In super coat and well presented, moved with drive and covering the ground well, would just like a little more muscle behind but he has plenty of time for this.  He was a real character here and enjoyed himself which was great to see, a dog I will watch with interest.  No hesitation of awarding him Best Dog.

Novice Dog (6,4 )

1 Boole - Arramow Adventurer

2 McDonald - Impranah Flynn
Black and White built on more of the working lines but still did his job very well.  Pleasing expression and kind eye, powerful neck and good firm topline, moderately angled both fore and aft, good bone and neat feet, he was a cracking little mover, very true and driving from firm quarters.

 Tyro Dog (4,3)

1 McDonald - Impranah Flynn

 Graduate Dog (4,0)

1 Walker - Dexbenella Time To Dream

2  Glendinning - Plaiglen Hustle
Black and white with a glorious head, correct amount of chiselling and work, soft expression and good length to width balance.  Neck of moderate length and powerful, well laid shoulders and desired return of upper arm, ribs well back and firm through loin, quarters well developed and moderate bend to stifle.  Handler did everything to spoil his chances, relax and he relaxes with you.  Moved true and soundly just needs to gain his sparkle, a sound and promising young man.

3 Large - Meadowdale Riot Is Madaza

4 Addison - Peasblossom Eclipse

 Post Graduate Dog (6,2)

1 Wildsmith - Trimere Time Trial With Sandiebeck
Liver and white with pleasing head and eye, just a shade heavy in back skull for me.  Good neck but carrying too much weight throughout which spoilt his outline and made him appear lumpy over the shoulders.  Good quarters and correct finish to croup, powerful mover driving off his hocks, stood on good legs and feet but needs his nails trimming.

2 Drinkall - Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft
Pleasing in shape and outline, head balanced and has correct work but would prefer better finish to foreface, clean through neck and shoulders and moderately angled front. Good depth to forechest and ribs well sprung and back, Held topline throughout and in hard condition.

3 Jenkinson - Eastriding Armani Black

4 Addison - Peasblossom Eclipse

 Limit Dog (2,0)

1 Happs - Jorobaden Aldernniti Of Emianna
Lovely type of dog who I have judged before and he has continued to fulfil his early promise.  Typical head and expression with correct chiselling and work, kind expression and good balance. Clean neck leading to well placed shoulders and good return of upper arm.  Depth to chest and ribs well back leading to a firm and well developed loin.  Quarters well developed and correct bend to stifle.  Held his topline throughout and good finish to croup.  Moved well and covered the ground in profile, well deserved Reserve Best Dog. 

2 Large - Mompesson Flawless Is Madaza
Another of pleasing type and overall balance.  Boarder in back skull than 1 but head in proportion to body, soft expression and plenty of work.  Clean through neck and shoulder, decent front assembly, level topline and good finish to the croup.  Good depth and spring of rib and in hard condition throughout.  Good profile movement of correct action

 Open Dog (5,1)

1 Walker - Dexbenella It's About Time JW ShCM
Tri dog of good balance and style, Masculine head with correct amount of work and chiselling, slightly round in eye but maintaining a kind expression.  Straight front with moderate angulation and good depth to forechest, ribs well back and sprung and firm through loin.  Good developed quarters and short from hock to heal, in fabulous coat and presented very well.  His positive movement going and coming gave him the edge and the class, pushed hard for top honours.

2 Miller - Roqfolly Aftershock At Feorlig
A dog that you need to get your hands on, of good type and clean in outline.  Pleasing head with oft expression, slightly broader in back skull but in proportion to his body.  Clean powerful neck leading to well laid shoulders and the best of toplines, held throughout.  Depth to chest and ribs sprung and well back, firm in loin and quarters were well developed and used to advantage on the move.  Profile movement was effortless and with a true springer action.

3 Tracz - Meadowdale Alabama Slammer At Acregate ShCM

4 McDonald - Impranah Flynn

Special Beginners (4,1)

1 Drinkall - Mompesson Tribute To Esscroft

2 Addison - Peasblossom Eclipse
Pleasing type, masculine head, good reach of neck, decent front assembly and standing on good legs and feet.  Shade long through the loin, well developed quarters and moved soundly

3 McDonald - Impranah Flynn

Veteran Dog (1,0)

1 Young - Shelcasrie Flash ShCM
8yrs and still enjoying his day out.  Pleasing head of good balance and kind expression, good through rib and loin, balanced angles both fore and aft, correct amount of bone and substance, moved steadily and positively.

 Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)

1 Gibson - Calvdale Festivities
Promising youngster build on strong lines, feminine head and soft expression, just needing to finish.  Balanced angles both fore and aft and body properties as you require at this age.  Good topline, finish to croup and tailset.  Won the class on her positive movement, very sound for her age and should have a bright future.

2 Calvert - Calvdale Eternal Law
B/W with striking outline, appealing head, feminine and of correct proportions.  Clean neck and shoulder and balanced angles at both ends.  Level topline, correct finish to the croup and in good condition.  Stood on good legs and feet, just not a s settled on the move as 1 today

3 Cokell - Carleyquinn Candy Kisses

4 Boole - Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny

 Puppy Bitch (4,0)

1 Calvert - Calvdale Material Witness
Tri bitch that I could have taken home straight away.  Beautiful head and expression, good work and chiselling.  Lovely reach of neck leading to well placed shoulder and developing a well assembled front assembly.  Ribs beginning to spring and well back, correct length to loin and good quarters.  Topline firm and held at all times, correct finish to the croup and standing on good legs and lovely feet.  Movement was steady, positive and ground covering.  One I will watch with interest and I have a space on the sofa! Best Puppy in Show

2 Corbett - Trimere Tough Cookie
Another very promising puppy, feminine and with substance.  Balanced head with soft expression, good work and a hint of mischief in her eye.  Good front assembly and depth to forechest.  Ribs back and correct length to loin.  Moderate bend to stifles, just needs to firm up all through.  Sound mover.

3 Mitchell - Lordsett White Whisper At Peasblossom

4 Topliss - Peasblossom Just One Look At Beresford

 Junior Bitch (3,1)

1 Wilson - Chelmeress Greta Garbo
Feminine head with good work, would prefer a darker eye but this has time.  Clean through neck and shoulder and level topline, balanced angles and correct height to length ratio, good rib and loin, moved ok just needs to collect herself a little as she gets a bit giddy

2 Reynolds - Mompesson Royal Flush
 Tri of pleasing shape and balance, a little overdone in head for me, needs time to grow up and develop but has balanced angles which showed in her steady movement

Novice Bitch (2,0)

1 Calvert - Calvdale Hearsay
Tri puppy who is very mature for her age, fabulous coat on her.  Lovely head and expression, with the right amount of work for her age.  Good neck and shoulder line, deep through chest and ribs well sprung, Good quarters and moved true, just need to firm up in topline but has plenty of time.

2 Michell - Lordsett White Whisper At Peasblossom
Liver and White with lovely head and expression, good reach of neck and front assembly, ribs sprung and well back, a shade long through loin which meant her topline wasn't as firm, but she has age on her side.  Well bent stifles and good coat and condition.

 Tyro Bitch (3,0)

1 Cavert - Calvdale Hearsay

2 Mitchell - Lordsett White Whisper At Peasblossom

3 Merry - Chelmeress Pernilla August Over Tingvelle

 Graduate Bitch (9,3)

1 Bullock & Lewis - Trimere Total Obsession With Trixhund
Tri bitch that I have seen before and she has really matured since then.  Lovely head, soft expression and the right amount of work, neck of moderate length and leading to well placed shoulders with good return of upper arm.  Depth to chest and ribs well back and firm in loin, quarters well developed and used to advantage on the move.  True movement and plenty of drive she just needs a little enthusiasm to complete the picture.  Kept her in to last 4 and with a little encouragement she will sparkle.

2 Taubman - Peasblossom Geisha At Meonstroke
Clean in outline and presenting an impressive picture, feminine head, a shade round in eye.  Clean neck and well placed shoulders and straight front.  Needs to firm up in topline, developed quarters, Moved very well and presented beautifully.

3 Corbett - Trimere Total Eclipse

4 Holt - Trimere Twist Of Fate At Bethryn

5 Miller - Roqfolly Royal Ballet

 Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1 Miller - Arthycreath Diamond DeeLovely shape standing but on the move she was on a mission and just needs reigning back a tad.  Balanced head and kind expression. Good
reach of neck and angulation balanced both fore and aft and this showed in her profile movement.  Ribs developed and well back, firm through loin and quarters.  In great condition and very well presented

2 Young - Shelcasrie Dancing Queen
B/W with a feminine head and soft expression, powerful neck and good shoulders, decent body properties and powerful quarters.  Moved true and covered the ground.

 Limit (7,1)

1 Smith - Melverly Sophistique
This young lady came into the ring today and was in top form looking and showing very well indeed.  From her exquisite head which has the correct amount of width to length, chiselling and work under the eye and an expression which melts she grabs your attention with just one look.  She flows through her neck and well placed shoulders and the correct return of upper arm, lovely straight front and standing on the best of legs and feet.  Her ribs are sprung and wel back, leading to a firm and powerful loin, quarters are well bent and powerful and her well let down hocks produce a powerful and driving action.  Today she moved with purpose and style, keeping her topline throughout and didn't put a foot wrong. No hesitation in awarding her Best Bitch and BIS.

2 Cokell - Carlyquinn Classic Line
Another bitch of similar type, feminine head and kind in eye, not quite the reach of neck of 1, good front assembly, ribs well sprung and firm through the loin. Moderate bend of stifle and well let down hocks.  In good coat and condition, moved soundly but lacking verve and enthusiasm.

3 Corbett - Trimere Touch Of Black

4 Goodman - Calvdale Swag At Elbrec

5 Holt - Trimere Tranquiliser At Bethryn ShCM

 Open Bitch (3,2)

1 Cunliffe - Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl Of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
Tri bitch of good size, shape and balance, feminine head with good work and a kind expression although there is a hint of mischief there as well!  Decent reach of neck and well placed shoulders, good return of upper arm and dept to forechest, ribs back and sprung and correct length to loin.  Good bend of stifle and hocks well let down.  Moved true and with drive but in the final 4 she was carrying a little too much weight today and had a roll which spoilt her outline, a lovely bitch to judge

 Special Beginners Bitch (1,0)

1 Taubman - Peasblossom Geisha At Meonstroke

 Veteran Bitch (3,0)

This class was a pleasure to judge and certainly pulled on the heart strings.
1  Corbett - Sh Ch Trimere Tigra
This bitch is a joy to watch moving around the ring, her balanced angles enable her to move with ease and style, carrying her head high she attracts the eye as she moves around the ring.  She is clean in outline and stands over the ground well, today she wasn't quite a firm in topline as the Limit winner and had to settle for Res Best Bitch but thank you for bringing her under me a super representative for the breed.

2 Walker - Sh Ch Trimere Total Devotion To Dexbenella
A real old favourite of mine and still such a character.  Most beautiful of heads and expressions, clean in neck and shoulder, best of fronts, deep through chest and ribs well back.  Stifles well bent and developed and such a happy mover covering the ground, just starting to show her age in outline but what a pleasure to judge, thank you.

3 Young - Shipden Panama Hattie At Shelcasrie



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