Recommended Reading 

There are several books written about the English Springer Spaniel and those recommended for reading are listed below. Some of these books can usually be obtained through the 'Amazon' website:

The English Springer Spaniel - An Owner's Guide
Author Yvonne Billows
Publisher Harper Collins

The Pet Owner's Guide to the English Springer Spaniel
Author Don Miller
Publisher Ringpress

The Springer Spaniel
Author Dorothy Moorland Hooper
Publisher Popular Dogs
(Rev by Ian Hampton)

The Complete English Springer Spaniel
Author Colin Muirhead
Publisher Ringpress

English Springer Spaniels - An Owner's Companion
Author Jan Wood
Publisher The Crowood Press

Best of Breed - English Springer Spaniel
Author Celia Woodbridge
Publisher The Pet Book Publishing Company

Field Trial Books, DVD and Video

Training for Field Trials and Sport
Author: PRA Moxon

Spaniel Training - DVD & Video
Harry T Hardwicke QFSM

General Books:

Solving The Mysteries of Breed Type
Author Richard Beauchamp
Doral Publishing

The Essential Guide to Judging Dogs
Author Andrew H Brace
Ringpress Books

An Eye for a Dog: Illustrated Guide to Judging Purebred Dogs
Author Robert W Cole
Dogwise Publishing

Dogsteps - A New Look
Author Rachel Page Elliott
Doral Publishing

Good Judgement
Peggy Grayson
Kingdom Books

Dog Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Canine Structure
Author Peter Goody
J.A.Allen & Co Ltd

The Dog in Action: A Study of Anatomy and Locomotion as Applying to All Breeds
Author McDowell Lyon and Josephine Z Rine

Members are invited to email the ESSC Secretary if they wish to recommend a book to be added to the list

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