English Springer Spaniel Welfare was formed in 1990 and is both recognised by the Kennel Club and is a registered charity. (No:1015587). It is run by volunteers, all of whom own or have owned English Springers.

It is a sad fact of life that some English Springers require the help of a Welfare Organisation through no fault of their own and you may be interested in adopting an English Springer.

If you have an interest in this lovely breed you can become a member of the charity and assist them in their aims by fund-raising, fostering and kennelling dogs in transit or by training to become a helper to one of our rehoming co-ordinators. The English Springer Spaniel Club regularly supports English Springer Spaniel Welfare and thanks them for the dedicated work they do on behalf of the breed.

Please visit www.essw.co.uk for further information and full details of who to contact.

Other ESS Rescue Organisations

Just Springers Rescue - Registered Charity

Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Rescue - 01782 410399

North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue - Registered Charity

Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue - Registered Charity

South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue

07942 581003 or 0114 257 0625

Springer Rescue for Scotland - 07739 552213

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