English Springer Spaniel Club

ESSC Open Results 2023

Minor Puppy Dog (1, 0)
1st) Stevenson’s Peasblossom Brogan at Gaolachcara, 7-month-old L/W dog and a good start to the day, with
his playful and puppyish nature. Clean head with some chiselling and fluting, and a good, kind expression.
Good to go over, well-constructed in front & some depth to his chest. Well sprung ribs, firm backline & good
hammy hindquarters. Moved with a good free and easy stride and is a useful prospect, who should do well
with some maturity. BPD & RBPIS.

Junior Dog (1, 0)
1st) Gledhill’s Jagger De Les Tres Llacunes (TAF), 15 months or thereabouts and this B/W dog presents a good
picture standing when he relaxes & he does hold a better shape on the move. Generous head properties with
some chiselling and fluting, and a kind expression. He is good to go over, with enough angulation in front and
some depth to his chest. He is good on the move, with some reach and drive & extends well in profile.

Special Yearling Dog (1, 0)
1st) Warrener’s Eastfalla Sherlockholmes, B/W dog just coming up to two years; lots to admire, good
expression with correctly shaped and coloured eyes, but perhaps could have a touch more work throughout;
enough front angulation and good depth to chest; firm topline and in good muscular condition. Quite accurate
on the move & was true up and back. In good coat and condition, well presented and handled.

Graduate Dog (1, 0)
1st) Warrener’s Eastfalla Sherlockholmes, repeat of SYD. Limit Dog (3, 1)
1st) Topliss’ Sandylands Stand N Deliver, stylish L/W dog approaching his third birthday. He has enough work
to his head and his expression is pleasing, perhaps could have more strength to his head for ideal but it was
not unattractive; good in front, but a mite more front angulation would be beneficial. Firm topline & neat
underline, it is on the move where I felt he came into his own today; a very easy, free mover & holds himself
well in profile. RBD.
2nd) Richardson and Terry Richardson’s Cherishym Dofida, a B/W dog I have admired in the past and now 3
years old, he is really coming into his own. Much to admire here, and in many ways perhaps more typical in
head than the winner; with a gentle, generous expression. Good to go over, and seamlessly made; I just felt on
the move today he was not quite putting it all in & could have used himself to extend a touch more
both ways and around; but doubtless his day will come as he is a lovely dog.

Open (3, 0)
1st) Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Lockdown, admirable L/W dog; much to commend and on first glance it is his
lovely flowing outline which draws the eye. Pleasing head, lovely dark eye of correct colour and enough work
throughout with neat flews. Good neck and shoulder, well ribbed & firm topline, good quarters which he used
well on the move; in good, fit condition & I thought him impossible to beat in the males today. BD, BOS, RBIS.
2nd) Topliss’ Sh Ch Beresford Night Train, just over 5 years old this L/W dog I see is the sire of Lockdown, and is
also a quality chap. Liked his head and eye, good work to his head and a really kind expression. Good in front
and firm topline, good depth to chest and well boned; very sound and free on the move, going with good reach
and drive & only beaten on the day by his son and kennelmate; worthy Ch and lots to admire here.

Veteran Dog (1, 0)
1st) Rose’s Westaway Dream Angus of Rosannoch (IMP NOR), just over 8 years old, this L/W carries his age
well; balanced head and eye; good expression with enough chiselling and fluting. To go over, he is all of a
piece, well made and with good bone; just a touch longer in back than those above him in the challenge, but
he moved with ease and accuracy and carried himself well in profile. BVD.
Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 0)
1st) Topliss’ Bethryn Song Of The Sky at Beresford, raw 6 month old L/W bitch who grew on me as the class
went on. Lots to like about her and with time she should be a useful prospect, she has the makings of a good
head, well made in body & used herself well on the move. Indeed, this is where she won this class, in the
glimpses of her profile action that I could see; I thought she showed a lot of promise.
2nd) Harris’ Melverly Amy Dorrit with Coastalglows, I thought this B/W who is two months older than the
winner would be my winner on first inspection; as standing she understandably presents a more mature
picture, especially in terms of bone & her silhouette is most appealing. To go over, I found nothing to
particularly dislike; I just wish she had used herself better on the move, as today she went a touch close behind
& did no use herself well in profile. Certainly one who will have better days.3rd) Topliss’ Bethryn Song of The Lioness at Beresford

Puppy Bitch (1, 0)
1st) Smith’s Melverly Iridescent, L/W/T bitch of 11 months who is an instant eyecatcher; classic head and eye,
plenty of work to her head; to go over she is all of a piece and even at this young age, she is collected and
mature; well made forehand, firm topline and good hindquarters; on the move she goes with a powerful, easy
stride and it is hard to not be charmed by her. I thought her such a promising bitch, RBB & I was not at all
surprised to hear she had picked up the CC/BOB at Leeds earlier in the day; ultimately finishing on the Sunday
evening with BPIS. I am sure it will not be at all long until she carries her crown.

Junior Bitch (3, 0)
1st) Roses’ Pinereoch Amethyst of Rosannoch, L/W bitch of 17 months; liked her head and eye, good kind
expression, enough forehand and neck; firm topline and well boned throughout. In good muscular condition
and this showed on the move, where she went with good reach and drive, and carried herself well in profile.
Can still settle and ‘grow up’ to advantage but a good winner of this class.
2nd) Frusher and Slack’s Chanangel When You Believe at Shersona, L/W bitch a couple of months younger than
the winner & looked good on first impression; as standing she is balanced and shapely. Good for head
properties, but her eyes could be darker which meant she did not appeal quite so much in terms of expression
as the winner; well made throughout and in good condition generally; a free and easy mover but I preferred
the winner’s head properties and decisions have to be made.
3rd) Le Clerc’s Hunterheck Lost In A Spell

Special Yearling Bitch (4, 2)
1st) Richardson and Terry-Richardson’s Daenerys Moondancer to Cherishym, 19 months or thereabouts, this
L/W bitch appealed to me for her classical balance and shape; her head is most typical with a kind expression,
and she is good in front. Firm topline, good ribbing and well muscled throughout. Sound and free on the move,
I thought she was very nice, just not quite so finished as those above her in the challenge.
2nd) Topliss’ Beresford It’s A Sin, L/ W bitch approaching her second birthday; lots to like about her as her
head and eye are very good; kind expression and good chiselling and fluting. Needs a touch more angulation in
front and this showed on the move, which told against her. Well presented and handled and most useful.

Novice Bitch (3, 1)
1st) Smith’s Melverly Iridescent, repeat – but she won’t be in this class for long!
2nd) Melverly Betsy Trotwood at Coastalglows; litter sister to Amy Dorrit and very similar in many respects. A
very smart bitch, good head and eye, enough neck and firm in quarters; moved well in profile, but not the
accuracy of the winner or the presence.

Limit Bitch (3, 0) Three quality bitches.
1st) Topliss’ Sandylands Send My Love, L/W litter sister to Stand N Deliver; appeals for shape and balance, she
has a quality head but could be a touch more generous in muzzle; well made in front, good shoulders &
enough chest, firm in topline and good ribbing; well boned & in good muscular condition, I did like her a lot.
Moved with style and couldn’t fail to catch the eye; thought her a good winner of this class and considered her
in the challenge. A lovely girl.
2nd) Corbett’s Trimere Turn Back Time; L/W/T bitch just over two years & certainly one with a future; lots to
like about her, more generous in head than the winner and her expression was good; well made forehand,
good depth to chest & well ribbed; firm topline and good muscle throughout. She goes very well and in a
typical fashion, just needs a touch more coat and finish to trouble the rest of the girls.
3rd) Lillie’s Freeway Remembrance

Open Bitch (3, 0) Three more good bitches.
1st) Sh Ch Trimere Time Fly’s; 2.5 year old L/W bitch with a lot going for her. Very typical in head and super eye
and expression, good chiselling and fluting & neat flews; strong neck & well-constructed in front, with a good
chest and excellent spring of rib. In first class muscle tone & good, broad hindquarters. I liked her a lot,
particularly on the move, where she went with good reach and drive and was generally effortless in striding
out. A class act, and fought off some very nice other bitches both in this class, particularly 2nd who I have
always admired, and in the challenge continued to shine and move with class and precision; BB & BIS.
2nd) Wildsmith and Brown’s Sh Ch Trimere Tickle Me Fancy, L/W bitch now 7.5 years old & carries her years
well, aunt of the winner of the class and similar in many respects; a great ambassador for the breed; loved her
head properties and expression; very good to go over, balanced angulation & much to admire; on the day I felt
she was carrying just a touch too much weight as opposed to the crisp outline of Time Fly’s; but there is no
taking away from her quality & class. Sound and free on the move, and expertly handled.

Veteran Bitch (2, 0)
1st) Watson’s Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder; super L/W bitch of 8 years with a classical outline; classical head
and eye and a beautiful expression; lovely to go over and she is so well made. Carries herself so well on the
move, and just now carrying a little more weight than she needs, but comes to life on the move & really
cannot be ignored. BVB, BVIS and in my mind for more; just not the crisp outline of those above her in the
2nd) Hipgrave’s Ternspringer Jazz Singer; L/W bitch coming up to her eighth birthday, very nice to go over,
good head and eye, could have a touch more front angulation, firm topline, well boned and went well on the
move, just not with the accuracy or style of the winner on the day. Well presented and handled.

Evan L Ryan