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Field Trials Report 2023The English Springer Spaniel Club

Field Trials Report 2023

(Novice and Open stakes were held at Checkley Wood)

Novice Stake 8th November 2023

Judges: Mr J Illiffe and Mr N Powell

First:               Miss H Mallabourn’s ESS.B. Syncerus Shanti of Ribblebrook

Second:         Mr J Luxford’s ESS.B. Britney of Howeskye

Third:             Mr A Badger’s ESS D. Sperrinside McGregor          

Fourth:          Miss V Usher’s ESS.B. Penwills Yoko of Wisternox                                                 

Open Stake 15th November 2023

Judges: Mr S Bates and Mr P Seaman

First:              Mr S Dixon’s ESS.B. Dawsonlee Omega

Second:         Mr S Tyson’s ESS.B. Rytex Racing 

Third:             Mr N Satchwell’s ESS.B. Rosebay Opal

Fourth:          Mr D Lee’s ESS.B Poolgreen Lollipop. Handled by W Clulee


Mr S Blackwell’s ESS B Jeminica Princess Leia
Mr J Luxford’s    ESS.B  Barcudwen Destiny of Howeskye 
Mr S Tyson’s       ESS.B Dawsonlee Oddessey

Gun’s Choice:    

Mr S Blackwell’s ESS. B Broomfield Humboldt

Both trials were held in woodland of mainly heavy brambles and game came to hand extremely well.