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Breed Health

Breed HealthThe English Springer Spaniel as a breed is very fortunate to have dedicated Health Co-ordinators who are very experienced and passionate about the health and welfare of our delightful breed.

All eight UK ESS Breed Clubs and also anyone else who is interested in the ESS are able to draw on their experience with a direct link from this site to their website:


The website includes the latest ESS health news, as well as health survey results, annual health reports, information on health conditions, health testing for ESS, understanding genetics, general healthcare and much more.

Very importantly, it also gives ESS owners the opportunity to report online any diagnosed health conditions or the death of their ESS, so that breed health and mortality can continue to be monitored.

Please note:-

The English Springer Spaniel Club’s Health Co-ordinators are not Veterinary Surgeons but are very experienced, long term owners/breeders of English Springer Spaniels appointed by eight of the UK English Springer Spaniel Breed Clubs (and approved and supported by The Kennel Club) to act responsibly as advisors on the health and welfare of the Breed.

If readers of any correspondence, or in verbal communication, re the health and welfare of the English Springer Spaniel should choose to act on any information, tips or advice obtained via the English Springer Spaniel Club’s Health Co-ordinators, they should remember that it would always be advisable to first consult their Veterinary Surgeon.

The English Springer Spaniel Club cannot not hold any responsibility for any persons who choose not to consult their Veterinary Surgeon in cases of any clinical/medical problems associated with their English Springer Spaniel. Nor can they or the Health Co-ordinators hold any responsibility for the management or treatment of English Springer Spaniels by owners/breeders as a result of information obtained from the ESSC via their website, correspondence, newsletters, social media, flyers, etc., or as a result of any form of communication between themselves and the Health Co-ordinators or from the information given on www.englishspringerhealth.org.uk

The English Springer Spaniel Club, takes its own responsibility seriously with regards to the Breed’s health and welfare, in that:

  • It supports the information made available by the Health Co-ordinars on all health and welfare issues that affect the Breed.
  • It continues to work with the Health Co-ordinators, who are able to provide, and update information, as and when it comes to hand, along with receiving valuable input from breeders and owners alike, covering the many varied aspects of ESS health, no matter how big or small.
  • Through the Health Co-ordinators, a Health Report for the breed is produced and this is submitted annually to the Kennel Club, which helps to raise awareness and keep ESS owners and breeders up to date with current health issues that do, or might affect the Breed.
  • It recommends that its members adhere to Ethical Guidelines for best breeding practice and adhere to the Kennel Club and ESSC approved Codes of Practice.
  • It advises ESS breeders and/ or new owners to request evidence of certification for testing facilities that have been used, prior to their making a decision to breed from, or purchase an English Springer Spaniel. Whether or not you already own an English Springer Spaniel, or perhaps are thinking of buying a puppy, you need to know what Health Tests are available for ESS breeders to use for those hereditary conditions which have already been identified as affecting the Breed. To find out more, please follow the links from englishspringerhealth.org.uk
  • Through the Health Co-ordinators, it keeps in regular contact with many professional associations and institutions, clinicians, geneticists, veterinarians and many personnel, who are also concerned with canine health and welfare. This includes The Kennel Club and The British Veterinary Association .
  • Through the Health Co-ordinators, it works in close conjunction, corroboration and co-operation with UK ESS Breed Clubs as well as many overseas ESS Breed Clubs, in order to keep abreast of health issues affecting the Breed worldwide.
  • Through the Health Co-ordinators, it has established a good communication and reception network from veterinarians, clinicians, geneticists, professional bodies, charities and research facilities worldwide.
  • It does everything it can to encourage and ensure that ESS owners and breeders alike can take pleasure from this most fun and life loving Breed, so that they can enjoy many happy years of unconditional love and companionship