English Springer Spaniel Club



The English Springer Spaniel Club was established in 1921 in the United Kingdom and is known as the ‘Parent’ Club of the Breed. It is the first port of call for The Kennel Club on all matters related to the English Springer Spaniel.

The English Springer Spaniel Pedigrees and Records Database has been produced by Bob Nicolson and has been donated by Bob to the English Springer Spaniel Club to maintain in the future for the benefit of the breed and we are maintaining it via this website https://englishspringer.org/. Further information as to why, when and how the Database was created by Bob can be found in the Background section.

ESS Database are based in the UK and we collect our data from the KC Breed Record Supplements which are produced quarterly. We also use information from the Kennel Club Stud Books. 

Please send pedigree and information queries to Kath Holt & Trudy Topliss who are the Pedigree support team at :   pedigrees@englishspringerdata.org

Although the website is responsive, we recommend the database is used with a PC, laptop or tablet. For technical queries and problems associated with the website please contact the webmaster@englishspringerdata.org

As stated on the pedigrees we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided and will appreciate you reporting errors so that we can make corrections.