English Springer Spaniel Club

Judging List Policy

The ESSC Judging Questionnaire can be found in the ‘Judges’ dropdown section on this website.

The criteria for the ESSC judging lists are agreed by the English Springer Spaniel Club JSC.

The ESSC judging lists are submitted to the Kennel Club as part of the ESSC Annual Returns where appropriate.

judging policy

KC List JEP Level 4 (previously known as A1 list): This consists of persons who have been approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in the breed and all such ESS judges have the support of the ESSC.  Details of these ESS JEP L4 Judges can be found on the KC ‘Find a Judge’ (FaJ) website which is part of the main KC website.  (See the ‘links’ page of this website.)  ‘FaJ’ contains a judge’s contact details, number of appointments judged, details of where they have already judged and details of next KC approved appointments.

ESSC List A2: For persons who fulfil all the requirements of the A3 list and who have been assessed in accordance with Kennel Club requirements and accepted by the Kennel Club for inclusion on the A2 list’ by the KC. These lists indicate persons who have the full support of the KC and the ESSC and are preapproved to award CCs but have not yet done so.  (The A2 list is part of the original KC judging system and is not part of the KC Judges Education Programme i.e. JEP.)

ESSC List A3 indicates persons who the ESSC would recommend as being suitable to award Challenge Certificates in the breed but not yet approved by the Kennel Club for inclusion on JEP L4 lists.  Being included on a breed club A3 list is also part of the KC criteria for ‘grandfathering’. (The A3 list and the ‘Grandfathering’ process are part of the original KC judging system and are not part of the KC Judges Education Programme i.e. JEP.)

ESSC B Lists and JEP Level 2

Reference the old judging route – B Lists are compiled on an ongoing basis by the English Springer Spaniel Club JSC. 

However, if a judge is following the JEP judging route, once they have met all the KC requirements for JEP L2 in ESS, which is usually when the judge has been successful on a BAD/MCE, the Breed Club responsible for the MCE advises the Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) of the list of successful delegates. The master JEP L2 list is updated by the BEC and then circulated to the Breed Clubs for their use.  (Once the KC automated judging system is operating, (TBA) it is likely that the judge will upload their own information to a central list.  Until this time, once a Breed Club has run a BAD/MCE, they are responsible for telling the BEC about judges achieving JEP L2.  If a judge is unsure whether they are included on the JEP L2 list for ESS, they should in the first instance check the Breed Club’s online judging lists.


  1. ESSC lists are not indefinite. They are valid for one year only and will expire on the 31st of December each year.  The ESSC JSC will then validate it for the following year.
  2. New and updated applications to these judging lists will be considered by the ESSC JSC on an ongoing basis and supported applications will be added to the appropriate list.
  3. Applicants wishing to be considered for inclusion on any ESSC judging list must, in the first instance, complete an ESSC Judging Questionnaire and return it to the ESSC Judging List Co-ordinator.  
  4. Membership of the ESSC is not a pre-requisite for inclusion on the lists.
  5. A person may complete an ESSC judging questionnaire at any time to update their information.
  6. The suitability of applicants for inclusion on the ESSC’s judging lists will be considered by the ESSC JSC at its discretion, using the judging criteria detailed as a guide. The decision of the ESSC is final and no reason for non-inclusion will be given. This does not preclude a re-submission of an application in any subsequent year.
  7. Judges who are to be included for the first time on an ESSC judging list will be informed of the Club’s decision in writing.
  8. Judging lists will be included on the ESSC website. Lists are available online to Dog Show Secretaries to help promote a fair distribution of judges at shows.
  9. In accordance with the KC recommendation, voting of a person for inclusion on a judging list will be by secret ballot. Voting will take place at an ESSC JSC meeting.