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Membership of the Club is  open to people who have an interest in the English Springer Spaniel and as a Member they have access to a wealth of knowledge from the very strong Committee of ESS enthusiasts, Championship Show Judges, Field Trial Experts, Breed Historian with an ever expanding treasure trove of ESS related items, and finally help and guidance from the ESS Health Co-ordinator
Members are notified of the details of any events that the Club holds and are able to enter competitions at reduced rates.

Club Membership Details

You may want to offer the English Springer Spaniel your support and become a member of the English Springer Spaniel Club. The Club is known as the ‘Parent’ Club of the Breed and was formed in February 1921.

The Objects of the Club (a direct quote from early Club Rules)

The name of the Club shall be called the “English Springer Spaniel Club,” its strategic objective is to raise the relevance of the Club in the eyes of all English Springer Spaniel Owners, so as to better able ‘to protect and promote in every way the breeding, general improvement, health and well-being of the English Springer Spaniel’.

This objective is to be achieved by:

  • Accepting the KC Breed Standard for the English Springer Spaniel as the sole standard;
  • Promoting the Kennel Club Breed Standard for the English Springer Spaniel as the only recognised and unvarying standard by which they must be judged at Shows;
  • Awarding prizes of merit to English Springer Spaniels and supporting Shows and Field Trials;
  • Recognising the importance of English Springer Spaniel health and welfare and promoting their breeding in accordance with Ethical Guidelines;
  • Encouraging the development of all those concerned with the English Springer Spaniel through education and training;
  • Popularising English Springer Spaniel events, focusing on the retention of existing customers and the attracting of new; and
  • Taking any other steps, approved by the Committee of the Club, and in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Regulations, to do all in its power to protect and advance the interest in this variety of Sporting Spaniel.

Field Trial Dog

What does the Club do?

  • The Club acts as a Keeper of the Breed and liaises with the Kennel Club (UK) and also the other UK ESS Breed Clubs and Societies, in all matters relating to the English Springer Spaniel including its health and welfare.
  • The Club has a very strong Committee of individuals many of which judge English Springer Spaniels at Championship level both in the UK and overseas. The Committee offers a wealth of experience both on the show and working side of the breed.
  • If you wish to show your ESS, you may be interested to know that the Club holds an Open Show and a Championship Show each year. The Secretary of the Club organises the Shows, as well as dealing with the administration for all general matters.
  • If you are interested in the working-side of the Breed and Field Trials, the Club also organises a Novice Stake and an Open Qualifying Stake each year and these are generally held in the last two months of the year. The ESSC Field Trial Secretary organises these events.


The Benefits of being an ESSC Member

Membership of the Club will provide you with details of the above events and will enable you to enter them at reduced rates.

  • You will have access to a wealth of knowledge from our very strong Committee of ESS enthusiasts, Championship Show Judges, Field Trial Experts and the ESS Health Co-ordinator.


Application Form for Membership

There is a specific form to apply for membership of the ESSC, which can be obtained by emailing the ESSC Treasurer, currently Yvonne Billows

The form should be completed and emailed as per details on the form and the membership fee paid in accordance with the relevant instructions. Once your application has been approved, any future annual subscription should be paid by BACS.

Members of the ESSC are expected to undertake to abide by the Rules of the ClubCode of Ethics and the Ethical Guidelines for Breeders.

ESSC Annual Show Membership Fees

Single Annual Show Subscription: £7 as from 1.1.2010

Joint Annual Show Subscription:   £8 as from 1.1.2010

ESSC Annual Field Trial Membership Fees

Single Annual Field Trial Subscription: £10 as from 1.1.2015

Joint Annual Field Trial Subscription: £15 as from 1.1.2015

After you send in the Application Form – what happens next?

Your application will be presented at an ESSC Committee Meeting and you will be notified in writing and sent the relevant ESSC documentation.